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“I met Arsham about a year ago and since I first met him, I have been very inspired by his perseverance and his determination.” Barbara Hall, Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission – January 27th 2007.

*** Areas of Specialty
Queer Human Rights
Communication and Lobbying
Publication and Public Awareness
Community Outreach
Administration/Non-Profit Organization
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Diversity

*** Education
Certificate of Web Design Program - 2007
CDI College, Toronto, Ontario

Training Workshop on United Nations Structures and Lobbying - 2006
Geneva, Switzerland

Veterinarian studies, Azad University (Incomplete) - 2005
Yasouj, Iran

Computer Science and Troubleshooting Training - 2004-2004
Shiraz, Iran

Certificate of Accounting and Financial Administration Workshop - 2001-2002
Shiraz, Iran

Fundamental Management and Business Administration Workshop - 1998-2002
Shiraz, Iran

Certificate of Completion of Studies at Matriculation Course and pre-University - 1997-1998
Shiraz, Iran

*** International Recognition and Media
Pride Toronto Award - June 2008, Toronto
For Excellence in Human Rights
By Pride Toronto

Felipa De Souza Award - April 2008, New York
Recognition for commitment to improving the human rights of Iranian queers.
By International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

Pride Toronto Award – August 2011, Toronto
For the best celebration of “Dream Big” Theme entry in 2011 Pride Parade

***Interviews and Documentaries
Interviewed by mainstream international media including CBC, CNN, BBC, ABC, Toronto Star, and other international media about achievements, queer rights and human rights activities.
Featured in two documentary films, the CBC's “Out in Iran” in 2007 and Parvez Sharma's “A Jihad for Love” in 2008.

*** Employment History
Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR), Toronto, Since 2008
Executive Director

Eddie Bauer, Fairview Mall, Toronto, 2007-2008
Sales Associate

Iranian Queer Organization, 2006-2008
Executive Director

Persians Gay and Lesbian Organization, 2004-2006
Executive Director

Shiraz Pouya Computer, Shiraz, Iran, 2004-2005

Hoor Trading Company, Shiraz, Iran, 2003-2004
Financial Manager

Green Line Computer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2002-2003
Export/Import Manager

*** Teaching/Student Supervising Experiences
Computer Science – Genaveh, Iran 2000-2002
Teaching computer courses for Ministry of Education employers for their co-op projects

Seneca Collage – Toronto, Canada 2009
Working with Social Work students for their replacement courses and helping them to practice their knowledge

*** International Community Service Activities
Member of Victim Service Program Toronto, since 2010
The Victim Services Program of Toronto is an independent community agency which provides immediate crisis response to victims of crime and sudden tragic circumstance.

Founder and director of Neda online magazine, since January 2009
Neda is a monthly online magazine in Farsi which focuses on social and family issues affecting Iranian minorities.

Communications Coordinator of Iranian Homosexual Human Rights Council, since December 2008
This council champions the human rights of homosexuals in Iran. I worked with victims of abuse and those who have legal or social problems, helping them find housing and connect with their communities for support.

Founder and Executive Director of the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees, since October 2008
The IRQR provides support such as legal services, financial assistance, and resettlement services to refugees and immigrants leaving Iran because of persecution based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Member of advisory committee of the Hirschfeld-Eddy Foundation based in Berlin, since 2007
Through international networking and cooperation with partner organizations in the Global South and Eastern Europe, the HEF provides direct assistance for people being threatened. We support national and international human rights groups by providing information, raising public awareness and building alliances. 

Director of cultural committee at the Iranian Association of University of Toronto, 2007-2008
My responsibilities were community outreach and event organizing.

Member of Rainbow Railroad group based in Toronto, since 2006
A group of Canadian politicians, public officials and activists meeting to help those people who need social and legal assistance.

Ambassador of Iran in the International Lesbian/Gay Cultural Network based in Stockholm, since 2006
The ILGCN tries to facilitate contact among organizations and individuals using culture as a powerful weapon against homophobia and silence. 

Member of International Lesbian and Gay Association based in Brussels, since 2006
ILGA fights for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people and their liberation from all forms of discrimination.

Founder and Executive Director of IRanian Queer Organization, 2006-2008
IRQO is my former organization which focused on queer human rights violation in Iran, replaced by Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees.

Director of radio RAHA, since 2005
RAHA is an online weekly radio which has more than 60 programs, broadcasts in Turkey, the United States, Iran and Canada. 

Founder of the first organization of Iranian queers, Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization in 2004

Founder of Rainbow Group Iran, in 2001

*** Languages
Fluent in written and spoken Farsi/Persian
Fluent in written and spoken  English
Fluent in spoken Turkish