Sign this petition to support Iranian LGBT refugees برای حمایت از دگرباشان پناهجو امضا کنید

Office of The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Sancak Mahallesi
12. Cadde – 212. Sokak – No3
Ankara – Turkey

ATTN: Senior Protection Officer

Dear Mr. Officer,
I am writing to request that you expedite Iranian LGBT refugee applicants who are currently residing in Turkey. They are not safe there.
We are aware of the increasing pressure on the LGBT community in Turkey by its highly conservative and religious government. As you are aware, the authority raided the Pride Parade in Istanbul in late June 2015 with tear gas and bullets. This was a display of state sanctioned intolerance and disregard for Human Rights. Recently, a series of posters were seen in Ankara citing verses of the Quran stating that homosexuals should be killed. This is a clear incitement of violence towards the LGBT community. How can Iranian refugees fleeing persecution and execution for their LGBT status be expected to remain in country that condones their ill treatment?
We are deeply concerned about the state of Human Rights for the LGBT community in Turkey and we would like to urge you to use your office’s full capacity to expedite Iranian LGBT refugee claimants. It is clear that Turkey is not safe for them; they need to be resettled into a safe country as soon as possible. We are aware of the increasing number of refugees in Turkey and the UNHCR’s limitation; however, we believe that your office takes this issue very seriously and will continue to help vulnerable cases by prioritizing their application process.
We are concerned about the safety of Iranian LGBT refugees in Turkey and we would like to ask you to help them in every way that you can.